Monday, February 7, 2011

Lincoln has Arrived!

Lincoln Craig Campbell was born Wednesday, January 5, 2011 at 1:58 p.m. He was 21.7 inches long and weighed in at 9 pounds 8 ounces. His head was 14.8 inches around. What a chunk of cute baby boy!
My delivery went differently than I would have or even could have expected. I went in for my regular appointment on Tuesday afternoon and my doctor suggested that I go in to be induced. I was only 40 weeks, but I was definitely ready! He made a call to the hospital but they said they didn’t have room at the time and that they would call within a few hours. We left the office and within 20 minutes they were calling. We ran home and grabbed my bags and headed for the hospital. They got me all checked in and were about to start the IV and draw some labs when the anesthesiologist came in. I have a bleeding disorder and they wanted to know a few details about it. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the information that they wanted because my Von Willebrand’s has never caused any issues for me. They explained that because of the risks associated with it, they would not be able to give me an epidural. A “natural” birth was never even a consideration for me so I was definitely nervous and pretty scared. My OB came in and suggested that since this was an elective induction and we didn’t have to rush it, that maybe I could just go home and meet with a hematologist and possibly a perinatologist, try to get cleared by them, then come back Monday and try again. We decided that would be a good idea and so we planned for discharge. They brought in all of my paperwork and I mentioned that I had been feeling some contractions. They put me back on the monitor and to all of our surprise I was having contractions every 2-3 minutes. My doctor came back in to say nice try but it looked like I wasn’t going to be going home. I spoke with the anesthesiologist at about 1:30 in the morning and he mentioned that all of my lab work looked good and that maybe we could do an epidural after all. He suggested we check my bleeding time and if that came back okay, he would be willing to do it. At 3:30, my nurse came in to tell me that the bleeding time came back elevated and that it wasn’t going to happen, she also said that while I was sleeping my contractions had gone down to one every 10 minutes for the last 2 hours. She said that she had been speaking with my doctor and because of the way things were going they gave me the option of going home again. Logan and I talked and prayed about it and we decided that since we were already at the hospital and there was a chance that even if I did see a specialist they would still say no, that we would just stay. I just knew the Lord would take care of me. When the nurse came in to see what we decided, I told her again that I felt more contractions. Once again, my contractions had picked up. She joked that if you told that baby there was a chance of going home he would act up every time because he wanted out! At 5:00 a.m. they hung the PItocin and then at 7:30 they broke my water. At that point, I was dilated to a 4 and fully effaced. This was when it got pretty rough for me! The contractions were so intense and I was really feeling them. I decided to get in the shower and there I stayed for the next 5 or so hours besides getting out when the doctor would come in to check me. I found that the hot water, in addition to the pain medicine, was the only thing that could help me to relax and handle the pain. Logan was so wonderful! He just sat outside the shower for hours, talking to me and making sure I was ok. At about 1:00 p.m. or so, the doctor came in and said that he would check me again but that I didn’t seem to be progressing and if that was the case, it was time for a c-section. I was only dilated to a 5 so the prep for surgery began. About 20 minutes later they were wheeling me into the OR. The hardest part for me was leaving Logan, I just wanted him by my side. Since I couldn’t have any spinal, they had to put me under general anesthesia so he wasn’t allowed to come in. When we got into the OR they had me climb up on the table and lay flat with my arms out to the side and my legs together. They told me that they would do as much of the prep before I had any anesthesia in order to decrease any risk of harm to the baby. I remember this being the most painful part of it all because they strapped my legs and arms down but I was still having contractions and I would have been much more comfortable in the fetal position rather than all sprawled out! Next thing I remember I was waking up in the recovery room and it was time to take me to my room. On the way there, we went by the special care nursery so that I could meet my little boy. They had to watch him in there for 6 or 8 hours because he had struggled a little bit because of all the IV pain medication I had been given. Luckily, a dose of Narcan and some oxygen was all he needed. Logan said Lincoln was totally out of place in the special care nursery. Here he was this big healthy baby in with the little preemies and babies that really were sick. They let me hold him for a minute but I kept dosing off so they decided it was time to go to my room. I remember having a few visitors and sending out a mass text that evening but it’s all a little foggy and I don’t recall many details. The next day, I began to think of the ordeal I had been through the previous couple of days and I decided that I would do it again 1,000 times over if I was still able to bring this sweet spirit into our family. It really is amazing how much a baby can change you and make you forget all of the not so fun things about labor and being pregnant. I absolutely adore my son and I have thoroughly enjoyed being able to spend this last month at home with him. I laugh every day at his cute faces and I can’t help but smile when his daddy comes home and just wants to hold and cuddle him. I love my boys and don’t know what I would do without them. They bring me so much joy!

Just a couple random things I love:

1. Lincoln gets these big cheesy smiles and his eyes flutter when he’s falling asleep or waking up.

2. Lincoln laughs in his sleep, never when awake, but it makes me chuckle every time.

3. Logan and Lincoln have so many similarities. They're both very slow to wake up and take their time stretching, then dozing off, then stretching again. They both sleep on their sides with a hand in their face. Lincoln has his daddy’s big lips and his angel pinch ears. And of course, they both make me the happiest girl in the world.

4. Lincoln has gorgeous blue eyes.

5. Whenever he is hungry, if you try to kiss his cheek he tries to eat you. Logan loves testing to see if his hungry by sticking his nose in his mouth and watching him swing his head back and forth trying to eat it.

6. Lincoln has huge gorilla hands.

7. Lincoln loves to cuddle. This is my favorite!

And now, here are a few pictures of the fun we have had this last few weeks.

Not my most beautiful moment

All ready to leave the hospital

There's that smile when he first wakes up

He loves his daddy

Headed to his first doctor's appointment

Linkers loves his bathtime

Just like his daddy

Our little lumberjack

Nothing makes me happier than this sweetheart's smiles

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Drum Roll Please...

So many people know already, but for those that may not have heard. Logan and I are so excited to announce that we'll be having a BABY join our family early next year. We feel so blessed to have this oppurtunity and we're looking forward to the change. Woohoo!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Oh goodness... How I have neglected you all...

This past few months has brought many new changes to our lives. Logan and I were able to buy a house in September so we have really been working to make it our own. I feel like I have this GIGANTIC canvas just waiting to be painted... or in my case, decorated! We have really enjoyed having a place to call "Home"and all the extra space. We also added a new terror, I mean black lab to the family. Her name is Sassafras and she is absolutely adorable... when she's sleeping. I don't know where we would be without Resolve carpet cleaner and $2 Old Navy flip flops that can be thrown out when chewed beyond recognition. My dad had warned us about such things before we got the dog and I just thought he was a little confused. I have way too much pride to admit that he was right, however. I keep telling Logan maybe I'll like her better in a few months. But I think Logan summed it all up for me the other day while we were trying to figure out what we were going to do with her while we were at work when he said, "We used to live such a carefree life." Oh, how true and how much I love my funny husband. Logan and I have really started to enjoy garage sales. It's kind of our Saturday morning date now. I get so excited when I wake up and realize it's yard sale day. I just need to get better about the whole bargaining thing, I'm a total sucker! I'm always trying to figure out how I can refinish or remake something to fit our style and we've had a few really fun fix-ups.

Home Sweet Home!

Master Bath


(Excuse the poor quality... My beloved camera is out of commission
and so we had to use Logan's mission camera)

Beautiful cabinet/ yard sale find

Thank you Craigslist for $80 hutch

Walk-in closet/ reason my husband thinks he needs more shoes

The aforementioned Sass

Goodwill table...

...turned classy white table compliments of paint and Anthropologie knobs

Dingy silver trays purchased for $4 each at swap meet in California

Shiny little boogers matched with their giant, used to be dull, friend found at a yard sale for $5
Along with all of the fun of the house and the puppy, we have learned many precious lessons. The greatest, by far. are the spiritual ones. I have wanted so many times to ask "Why?" and in Stake Conference a couple of months ago they talked about not asking why, but instead asking what, what do you want me to learn from this trial? I now find myself asking what quite often and I feel like the answer is always the same. My Heavenly Father wants me to know that I am a Daughter of God who he loves very much but who has to have trials so that my faith can be made stronger. While at a friend of mine's wedding luncheon, I saw this quote from Elder Bednar on his mother's shelf. "The tender mercies of the Lord are real and that they do not occur randomly or merely by coincidence." I absolutely fell in love with it. I have found the Lord's tender mercies to be such a blessing in much needed times, especially lately and I know that is a reflection of His love for me. I've also learned to more fully appreciate the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I always thought about sin and what I had done wrong whenever I heard that word. I now have a much greater understanding of what it means to me. I find such comfort in knowing that when times are tough and I feel so misunderstood that there is always someone who understands and knows exactly how I feel. I am so grateful this wonderful gospel and the testimony that I have and the comfort that it brings.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Small, quick update... because Logan even said I needed to!

There have been quite a few changes in our little family over the past few months! We became aunt and uncle again in May and she is adorable! Logan just received a new calling in our ward and now he will be the second counselor in the Elder's Quorum Presidency. He's going to be great! He's still staying busy with work and class. I also switched callings and now I'm the Beehive advisor. I really enjoy teaching and making cute little handouts! This past month has probably been the most exciting for us for many reasons! 1) We celebrated our ONE YEAR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY-Yay! 2) I graduated from nursing school so now I can actually spend time with my amazing husband and make him dinner! 3) I took my state board exam... and PASSED! I'm officially an RN, specifically RN 157704! So many new and exciting changes! We are so blessed and very grateful for all of our wonderful blessings!

Next up... Summer fun and vacations!

Just a head's up to all of our friends that we rarely see anymore, or atleast didn't while I was in school...
We are going to be planning a big barbecue for everyone to get together and relax, hopefully a Saturday in June so let us know when you might be available!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Apparently I'm a little behind...

I've been told by several people that I need to update so I'll try to humor the masses and throw all of my thoughts and pictures together for you. Excuse me for being busy with school and work the last few months ;)


So if you remember, my husband went hunting a few months ago. I finally have some pictures for you! Don't feel bad, I just got the pictures for myself today!
Here is the great white hunter himself!
And this is my father in-law and his big catch!
And ofcourse, here's the whole hunting crew! They all had such a great time, but thank goodness hunting season only comes once or twice a year cause I don't like being home alone! Hopefully next time I'll be going with anyways!


Now on to Halloween. Logan and I had a good time carving pumpkins and seeing our neices and nephews all dressed up this year. On Halloween night we went over to Logan's brother Travis' house for dinner and then it was off to Rachel and Nathaniel's house for a nice relaxing night full of politics and laughs.My nephew wore my costume from when I was 4!

My niece was an elk, her little brother the hunter, and daddy was the game and fish officer :)
I started my new job as an LPN for Select Specialty Hospital. I was so nervous when I started and I felt like I was completely in over my head. Our facility specializes in some pretty serious stuff and I never thought I would learn but I'm starting to feel so comfortable with everything and I'm really enjoying learning new things and treating my patients. I have had several ah-ha moments where I remember why I'm a nurse and I love that. It has also been nice to have a little extra money so Logan's pretty happy about that!


I finished up school at the beginning of the month and now I'm gearing and ready to go onto my last semester of nursing school! I am so very excited; I can definately see the light at the end of the tunnel! Christmas break didn't being much of abreak but it has been good nonetheless. Christmas brought so many fun times and great blessings. Logan was able to attend the annual Ollerton Christmas Eve-Eve Party while I was at work but I did catch about 15 minutes of it. It's always fun to see everyone. Then on Christmas Eve, my parents came down and we all went over to Chris and Jamie's beautiful new house for dinner and a white elephant gift exchange. It was so fun to spend the evening with both sides of our family. We're so blessed! My parents stayed the night with us and we woke up at about 6 Christmas morning to open presents. My husband and parents completely spoiled me. They're so nice! I got a Cricut! That was definately my favorite. But Logan also bought me a Coach purse and when I mentioned that I had my very first Coach, without missing a beat Logan said, "Your first or your last!" He makes me laugh! Logan got lots of littler stuff like a drill, a hunting game, and clothes, but my parents also bought him his favorite picture, The Prayer at Valley Forge. He loved it! We had a wonderful day just relaxing and playing with our new toys and family. I must say Christmas is definately a little crazier with 20 people at the Campbell house rather than the 4 I'm used to! We were so grateful for this special time of year and the oppurtunity that we had to read Luke together. We are thankful for this wonderful gospel and our Savior who loves us! Oh Christmas in an apartment!

My festive Christmas outfit!

Logan surprised me for New Year's Eve and planned for us to go to Payson for a few days. We showed up at my mom and dad's at about 11:30 and they were so excited, they had no idea we were coming! It was fun to relax and sew and craft with my mom for a few days. Thanks Momma! I love you!


Now for the recent stuff! I'm all caught up! One of my good friend's from high school got married Saturday and had a beautiful reception at the casino up there. My parents did the cake. They baked for days! This is the biggest wedding cake we've ever done (30 cake mixes). It was four tiers tall, 18", 14", 10", 6", all square, each tier was 3 cakes tall and had filling in between. My mom frosted them and then I piped all the words onto the sides. It took hours and hours! It looked amazing! My mom and dad went and set it up while I got ready for the wedding... and then it happened! As my mom was putting the finishing touches on it she realized that in that hot room with the heater vent pointed directly at our creation, the buttercream was literally melting off the sides and pulling the cake down with it! No matter how much support we had put inside the cake, it was no match for the heat but there was nothing we could do about it! I snapped apicture as soon as I got there but it had already been in the sauna for an hour and a half by then! Luckily, the bride laughed and they cut the cake first! All in all, we had a good time and it was great to see so many friends!

The melting cake... I was so sad...

Saturday, October 11, 2008

What a great week, so many blessings!

This has been one of the hardest, but most wonderful weeks that I've had in a while! First of all, General Conference last weekend was perfect! I really enjoyed it and I'm loving President Monson more and more very time I hear him speak! While we were listening to conference my mother in-law taught me how to do hand embroiderery; I've just always done it on a sewing machines so this was something kind of fun to keep my hands busy during conference. This is what I made...

On Monday, I had to take my normal trip to Payson and as soon as I got to the school up there my car started making a horrible sound. I took it to Big-O just to have them look around and they were a little confused about what was going on but said I could drive back home to Phoenix and then just have somebody look at it. I decided to skip class Tuesday so I wasn't driving back in the dark and I came back first thing Tuesday morning. After the guys at the VW shop took a little drive and looked around they told me I was lucky to make it down the mountain. (I, however knew it wasn't luck I had said my prayers and I was being watched over.) They told me that the front right engine block had broken and my engine was hanging down 8 inches lower than it should. This pushed the power steering line into one of the radiator fans and broke it. I didn't even know there was 8 inches for an engine in a VW Beetle to drop without being in the ground! So needless to say I was very blessed to make it home safely!

On Wednesday, I took my test to become an LPN. There's a minimum of 85 questions and a maximum of 205. The test can shut off any time once they've fugured out if your qualified or not. I was so nervous I felt like I had gotten the hardest questions and then when I pressed next after 32 minutes of testing and my 86th or 87th question, my screen went blank and it was over! I wanted to cry! I thought for sure that I was just that dumb that I wan't going to get any more questions to prove myself. I worried for two days while checking the website to see that the reults were not ready and then yesterday at 6:15 in the morning while I was on my way to clinicals, I found out from Logan who looked it up for me that I...PASSED! I was so excited and Logan was too! He was so sweet to me! When I got home from clinicals last night, my sweet husband took me to dinner and gave me these beautiful flowers!

I'm so blessed to have such a wonderful, supportive, and faithful husband. Logan, thank you for being everything I could have ever asked for and more. You are my eternal sweetheart and I'm so grateful to be your wife!