Monday, January 5, 2009

Apparently I'm a little behind...

I've been told by several people that I need to update so I'll try to humor the masses and throw all of my thoughts and pictures together for you. Excuse me for being busy with school and work the last few months ;)


So if you remember, my husband went hunting a few months ago. I finally have some pictures for you! Don't feel bad, I just got the pictures for myself today!
Here is the great white hunter himself!
And this is my father in-law and his big catch!
And ofcourse, here's the whole hunting crew! They all had such a great time, but thank goodness hunting season only comes once or twice a year cause I don't like being home alone! Hopefully next time I'll be going with anyways!


Now on to Halloween. Logan and I had a good time carving pumpkins and seeing our neices and nephews all dressed up this year. On Halloween night we went over to Logan's brother Travis' house for dinner and then it was off to Rachel and Nathaniel's house for a nice relaxing night full of politics and laughs.My nephew wore my costume from when I was 4!

My niece was an elk, her little brother the hunter, and daddy was the game and fish officer :)
I started my new job as an LPN for Select Specialty Hospital. I was so nervous when I started and I felt like I was completely in over my head. Our facility specializes in some pretty serious stuff and I never thought I would learn but I'm starting to feel so comfortable with everything and I'm really enjoying learning new things and treating my patients. I have had several ah-ha moments where I remember why I'm a nurse and I love that. It has also been nice to have a little extra money so Logan's pretty happy about that!


I finished up school at the beginning of the month and now I'm gearing and ready to go onto my last semester of nursing school! I am so very excited; I can definately see the light at the end of the tunnel! Christmas break didn't being much of abreak but it has been good nonetheless. Christmas brought so many fun times and great blessings. Logan was able to attend the annual Ollerton Christmas Eve-Eve Party while I was at work but I did catch about 15 minutes of it. It's always fun to see everyone. Then on Christmas Eve, my parents came down and we all went over to Chris and Jamie's beautiful new house for dinner and a white elephant gift exchange. It was so fun to spend the evening with both sides of our family. We're so blessed! My parents stayed the night with us and we woke up at about 6 Christmas morning to open presents. My husband and parents completely spoiled me. They're so nice! I got a Cricut! That was definately my favorite. But Logan also bought me a Coach purse and when I mentioned that I had my very first Coach, without missing a beat Logan said, "Your first or your last!" He makes me laugh! Logan got lots of littler stuff like a drill, a hunting game, and clothes, but my parents also bought him his favorite picture, The Prayer at Valley Forge. He loved it! We had a wonderful day just relaxing and playing with our new toys and family. I must say Christmas is definately a little crazier with 20 people at the Campbell house rather than the 4 I'm used to! We were so grateful for this special time of year and the oppurtunity that we had to read Luke together. We are thankful for this wonderful gospel and our Savior who loves us! Oh Christmas in an apartment!

My festive Christmas outfit!

Logan surprised me for New Year's Eve and planned for us to go to Payson for a few days. We showed up at my mom and dad's at about 11:30 and they were so excited, they had no idea we were coming! It was fun to relax and sew and craft with my mom for a few days. Thanks Momma! I love you!


Now for the recent stuff! I'm all caught up! One of my good friend's from high school got married Saturday and had a beautiful reception at the casino up there. My parents did the cake. They baked for days! This is the biggest wedding cake we've ever done (30 cake mixes). It was four tiers tall, 18", 14", 10", 6", all square, each tier was 3 cakes tall and had filling in between. My mom frosted them and then I piped all the words onto the sides. It took hours and hours! It looked amazing! My mom and dad went and set it up while I got ready for the wedding... and then it happened! As my mom was putting the finishing touches on it she realized that in that hot room with the heater vent pointed directly at our creation, the buttercream was literally melting off the sides and pulling the cake down with it! No matter how much support we had put inside the cake, it was no match for the heat but there was nothing we could do about it! I snapped apicture as soon as I got there but it had already been in the sauna for an hour and a half by then! Luckily, the bride laughed and they cut the cake first! All in all, we had a good time and it was great to see so many friends!

The melting cake... I was so sad...


Nathaniel and Rachel Allen! said...

hey girly, long time no see!!!! Where have you been? I know, I know, life has been crazy for me too:) well i hope to see or talk to you soon -I just called you twice but you didn't answer, what the crap. I'm glad you enjoyed the holidays!!!

Ty&Ann said...

OK its time to update already!!! how we supose to stay updated with you if you dont update??? miss you guys